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  • Tourism is an important contributor to many economies.
  • Human resources are man-made attractions like museums and art. Others are local food, drink and traditions.
  • Physical resources are natural features that attract tourists like beaches, rainforests and climate.
  • Tourism can bring money and jobs to an area and also educate tourists about local culture.
  • Ecotourism is a type of sustainable development, which tries to minimise the negative impacts of tourism.


  • This is the way people are spread across an area. There are different scales: local, regional, national, and global.
  • It can be measured by calculating population density, which is total population over total land area
  • Population density and economic development are not closely linked.
  • People are unevenly distributed around the world based on environmental and human factors.
  • Settlers are attracted to an area by mild climate, flat fertile land, natural resources, and jobs with good wages.
  • Settlers are repelled from an area by extreme climates, mountainous areas, dense vegetation and political factors like civil war.